Welcome to Once Upon a Time Preschool & Daycare

Proudly serving Cortlandt Manor, Garrison, Peekskill, Mohegan Lake, Yorktown, Cold Spring, Jefferson Valley, Shrub Oak, and Mahopac NY community areas.

We are proud of our back to basics approach to childcare and believe that providing a safe and comfortable environment is the most important service we can offer a child. Children cannot learn effectively if they do not feel safe in their environment and with our nurturing staff and the care they offer. Not only do we believe in providing a safe and welcoming environment as a basis for our care, but we know that the cookie cutter concept for childcare does not work. Each child is given individualized attention designed to meet their own gifts and needs.

We encourage the natural curiosity of children. This means accepting that while scheduling is important, sometimes the curiosity of a child causes your day to take a different turn. Encouraging the questioning, creativity, and love of learning natural to a child's disposition allows us to take advantage of teachable moments that provide a lasting impact.

It is our sincere hope that the foundation of learning provided each child at Once Upon a Time will follow them throughout their education. We have chosen to use the NAEYC recognized curriculum known as “The Creative Curriculum” to guide our programs. The base curriculum is supplemented by theme learning and the curiosity of the children in our care.

Licensed by NYS Office of Children and Family Services
NAEYC recognized Creative Curriculum